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Ship Management

At Royal Marine we provide safe, cost-efficient, and transparent full Ship Management services to owners. With high focus on quality of service being delivered to our customers we ensure Owner’s assets are well taken care of. With the ability to tailor our services around Owners need we assure highest level of focus on each vessel with close management involvement.

Technical Management

At Royal Marine is a uphold the interests and assets of shipowners through a complete technical management services and additional related Marine support services.

We ensure vessels remain in best condition through a customized Planned Maintenance System and a team of highly experienced technical and marine personnel. Our focus on performance monitoring aims to deliver energy efficiency and other benefits, with the ultimate goal of providing a sustainable and best-in-class service.

Our technical and procurement departments prioritize meeting budget targets through established best practices and without compromising on Safety, compliance, and environmental matters.

With our fleet size and long-standing experience in the marine services and projects we are able to reap the benefit of best rates and services from vendors while maintaining a very focused attention on each vessel.

Our experience team of technical and marine managers are able to provide Ship Management services to all types of Tanker vessels including Gas vessels, Dry vessels and offshore vessels.

Crew Management

At Royal Marine we believe the crew play a vital role in ensuring safe and efficient operations onboard and we pay close attention to the selection process of each crew on-board with the right experience and background.

We manage all aspects of crewing for owners as part of the ship management services which include:

We have a crew pool availability of more than 5500 crew which is catering to more than 150 vessels. We have our crew pool mix of Asian and European Nationalities.

Crew training is being done at recognized and established first class training institutes which carry out not only industry training, but we also provide specialized crew training like:

Onboard Computer Based Training form an integral part of crew training and development program. We utilize OneLearn Global for on-board ship crew training. With over 40 years of experience in the maritime sector, OneLearn Global places a strong emphasis on effective training and, above all, the safety and well-being of seafarers worldwide.


Offshore Competence

ERP System

Royal Marine uses Jot ERP for implementation of its online SMS with company procedures for an effective implementation of high level of safety and quality standards including follow-up on all incidents, accidents and near misses onboard the vessels.

Jot ERP also hosts vessel accounts module which allows a transparent view of vessels budgets and actual Daily Running Cost (DRC) for a live tracking of vessel accounts. It also forms the procurement system of Royal Marine and allows tracking of each order and provides live update of each Purchase order.

It also hosts the Planned Maintenance System allowing the close monitoring of all planned activities of vessels by its technical superintendents to ensure high level of technical management of the vessels

All crewing activities from crew documentation, their experience, selection, briefing, sign-on, evaluation, sign-off, rehiring, training and certification records are maintained on Jot ERP, providing an efficient tool for crew planning and management.

Jot ERP also has vessel certification, noon-reports, fleet monitoring, office HRM, Admin and travel modules, providing full holistic system for vessel operations.

Finally, the Jot ERP offers a client portal, allowing clients to transparently monitor the status of their vessel management within the Royal Marine framework