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Marine Services

Royal Marine services which is accredited by SAC and certified by ISO 9001 provides a wide range of marine services like inspections, audits, bunker surveys, marine insurance handling and marine consultancy on technical and operational matters.
With our very experience in-house certified inspectors and surveyors we are able to protect client’s utmost interest and provide advise in their best interest.

Core Team


Vessel Inspections.


Our team of Master mariners and Chief engineers consists of well experienced personnel with expertise that spans across most vessel types from Liquid cargoes – Crude, products, chemicals and gas to bulk, containers and break-bulk and a passion to do an excellent job.

The process:

Asset, Insurance & Commercial.


All our in-house inspectors are regularly trained and very well experienced in delivering high quality reports of the vessel condition.

Our inspection includes inspection of all accessible areas, including the following:

P&I inspection

Marine insurers provide cover for known quantifiable risks, mainly Hull & Machinery insurance for shipowners, and Cargo Insurance for cargo owners. By contrast we provide broader insurance cover for indeterminate risks, such as third party liabilities that marine insurers are loath to cover.

Marine Safety & Handling.

Marine warranty survey

At Royal Marine, we provide a broad range of warranty surveys for a variety of straightforward and high value, high risk marine and offshore operations. From the towage of vessels from one side of the world to the other, the loading and towage of heavy container cranes, to loading of project cargoes and rig moves.

Project Cargo

To help you navigate the complex requirements that encompass the transportation of heavy and over-dimensional equipment, our Project Cargo group offers integrated logistics project management and transportation services to ensure your freight reaches its destination according to plan. Our network of dedicated and strategically placed specialists who get the job done on time and cost efficient. Our team has a rich experience and capabilities to handle the great logistical challenges that are encountered when dealing within the project execution arena.

Port Captain

Our superintendents are strategically based at Croatia, UK, USA(New York & Houston). Our service include carrying out uncomplicated cargoes on and from vessels, barges and/or trucks.


At Royal Marine, we abide by all regulations and adhere to the standard requirements of respective government agencies within the shortest possible time and with high importance to health, safety, environmental consciousness and quality standard (HSEQ). Some of the main highlights of our service includes high oil rebates, no barging fee and no additional charges/operational expenses.

Bunker Fuel Management

Bunker fuel is still the biggest part of a ship expenditure. Our Bunker Fuel Management Program addresses both, physical loss of bunkers and fuel consumption optimization for our clients’ overall efficiency.

Bunker Quantity & Quality Survey.

When buying fuel, you need to know that the ship receives the amount of fuel purchased and that this fuel is neither contaminated nor of a substandard quality that could adversely affect the ship’s fuel system, engine or environmental performance.

Royal marine is accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council. Our quality system is ISO certified. Our team of experienced in-house surveyors, Master Mariners and Chief Engineer have clients best interest at heart. We have a proven record of finding discrepancies for almost every bunker operation with zero cappuccino losses.

Our team specialize in:

We provide a thorough service to our clients, from survey, negotiation, reporting, monthly savings analysis, to keeping abreast with current market trends, to ensure our clients interest are protected.

On/Off ROB Survey.

Since bunker is an expensive product, it is important to establish the exact quantity of onboard when the charter begins and again when it ends. At Royal Marine, our in-house surveyors physically gauge all tanks onboard, ensure correctness in his gauging (record tank reference heights and compare them with the calibration tables), physically check each tanks temperature and carefully apply the correction factors when calculating the quantity.

Charterers or Owners also often request for a Vessel Condition Survey at the time of On or Off hire ROB survey for recording the vessel’s condition at the commencement or end of the charter.

Bunker Detective Survey.

Our Detective Survey addresses both, physical loss of bunkers and fuel consumption optimization.

Implementing programs that increase ship’s fuel efficiency and optimise vessel performance have become increasingly popular. Bunker fuel being the biggest part of their expense, shipping companies are investing large sums in systems that promise increased voyage returns.

From our analysis of data gathered over last years, we have seen that while increasing fuel efficiency is vital, its impact on the overall voyage return can be rather small unless efficient methods of curbing loss of fuel that is not actually consumed in the engines are implemented.

Bunker Loss Containment Workshop.

The Bunker Management and Loss Control Workshop addresses:

Who should attend:

Ship Mangers, Ship Owners, Charterers who would like to improve their understanding on the bunker trade, bunkering process and its commercial aspect

Workshop duration: 1 day